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What We Do

Bearded is your partner for web strategy, design, and front-end development. We collaborate directly with your team to make sure knowledge transfer happens throughout the entire project, not just at the end. Plus, we just find that working together creates better websites. And our clients agree.

  • User Experience
  • Web Design
  • Front-End Development
  • Workshops & Training

Who We've Worked With

I would like Bearded to stop making the rest of us look so bad.

  • Ethan Marcotte
  • Author, Responsive Web Design

“We blew our metric goals for the whole project out of the water in the first two months alone, receiving more than double the number of science proposals than we even optimistically projected.”

  • Sam Newlands
  • Associate Professor in Philosophy
  • University of Notre Dame

“We've finally found the design firm that puts users at the center of their process.”

  • Osman Mazhar
  • Sr. Director, Systems Development
  • The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

About Bearded

Bearded is a web design and development agency located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Founded in 2008, we create responsive websites and web applications that do more than incorporate future-friendly technologies – we help move the web forward.

  • Matt Griffin, founder Matt Griffin Founder
  • Elaine Zelmanov, studio manager Elaine Zelmanov Studio Manager
  • Matt Braun, designer Matt Braun Designer
  • Caralyn Green, UX strategist Caralyn Green UX Strategist
  • Rebecca Serr, UX designer Rebecca Serr UX Designer
  • Brett Bender, developer Brett Bender Developer
  • Patrick Fulton, developer Patrick Fulton Developer
  • Lindsay Silver, developer Lindsay Silver Developer