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Wood Type Revival began as an idea for a Kickstarter project between Bearded designers Matt Braun and Matt Griffin. The two Matts promised to scour the globe for lost historic typefaces that now only exist as old letterpress wood type. Once the type was found, they started printing it on their antique printing press, and faithfully recreated those faces as modern digital fonts for modern designers. They then gave the digital fonts back to the Kickstarter project's backers in return for their contributions. The project received incredible support from the world's design community, easily surpassing it's initial funding goal.

The digital fonts are now available on the Wood Type Revival online store. The fonts are also available for web use through Typekit, and one of the fonts is even available as a spell-your-own temporary tatto from Tattly.

In addition to the digital fonts, Bearded also designed and printed a set of three letterpress posters featuring illustrations by John Passafiume, Jacqui Oakley, and Matt Braun.

The Wood Type Revival Logo
A detail of a font product image
A detail of the Wood Type Revival product page.
A detail of the Wood Type Revival letterpress posters.