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Detail of the Factory Direct: Pittsburgh exhibition catalog cover.

The Andy Warhol Museum

The Andy Warhol Museum is an exceptional Pittsburgh venue for internationally-exhibiting artists, as well as the art and history of Andy Warhol himself.

Bearded was thrilled to work with the Museum's staff to create the catalog for their Factory Direct: Pittsburgh exhibition.

The Warhol felt that for their audience, a printed catalog wasn't necessary; the final product would be digital-only. And because of the rapid rise of e-readers and mobile devices, a simple PDF wasn't sufficient. The Warhol felt this need particularly intensely, as their audience tends to be more tech-savvy and mobile-oriented than most.

Because we wanted a version of the catalog that would be as beautiful as possible, we created a PDF with a very specific, visually refined layout. But to retain flexibility, we adapted that design to an approach that would accommodate the varied world of e-readers. The e-book version was tested on a wide range of tablets, phones, and e-readers using all the major operating systems. Though the design varies on different platforms – it always works and behaves as it should on that device.

You can download the catalog in all three formats from the exhibition's event page.

Pages from the Factory Direct: Pittsburgh exhibition catalog.
Pages from the Factory Direct: Pittsburgh exhibition catalog.