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The Small Farm Central logo.

Small Farm Central


Small Farm Central makes websites by farmers for farmers. They provide website templates at a lower cost so that small local farms can promote their food to people and businesses in their area.

After creating many custom templates for SFC, Bearded was approached to re-brand the organization and redesign their website. SFC's owner Simon agreed that the old identity was too impersonal and "web 2.0," and that the new look had to connect with its audience on a more intimate level. For the logo design, we took inspiration from old woodcut flour sack illustrations to create a new identity that had a more personal feel, but with a contemporary polish.

Small Farm Central's website received a complete information architecture overhaul as well as a full re-design. The new site navigation and layout were re-tooled to focus on the most important aspects of the site: what are the services, and how do users sign up? The new look and feel emphasize Small Farm Central's motto: Sites By Farmers, For Farmers.

Detail of the Small Farm Central homepage.
Detail of the revised Small Farm Central pricing plan chart.