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The Almono website homepage.

RIDC Almono


Almono is a riverfront investment opportunity combining residential, office, and industrial zones organized by Pittsburgh land development company RIDC. The site has been in the works since 2002, and is finally ready to be unveiled to the general public.

Bearded was asked to create a website that would present the sometimes bewildering parcel information of the site to potential investors and developers. We chose to create an interactive map that was easily navigable by users, and flexible enough to allow the Almono staff to update site information as needed.

The Almono website also has a community feedback system that allows members of neighboring communities to voice their hopes and concerns, and be directly involved with the site development process as at it evolves.

Using responsive design techniques, Bearded created a mobile-specific layout for the website to make it more user-friendly to the growing audience of smart phone users. You can see the mobile layout in action by going to the live site and simply re-sizing your browser window to a mobile-sized width, or by visiting the site on your smart phone.

The Almono website development map.
An interior page of the Almono website.
The community feedback page of the Almono website.