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The Penn's Corner Farm Alliance CSA brochure.

Penn's Corner

Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance is a cooperative of about eighteen southwestern Pennsylvania family farms. Penn's Corner farmers are dedicated to providing high quality, fresh produce to CSA members and restaurants in the Pittsburgh region. Their produce is 100% locally grown and distributed.

Bearded was thrilled at the prospect of creating design work for one of our favorite causes: locally grown food. We began with rebranding the organization, with the eventual aim of producing a variety of print and web materials.

For the Penn's Corner re-brand, we decided to employ a visual style that references food labels and packaging from an era when local farms were more a part of the fabric of everyone's lives. We chose to strike an emotional note with consumers, and remind them that Penn's Corner represents all of the good things about how food used to be, and how it can and should be again. The entire logo was ultimately hand-rendered, then scanned and converted to a vector drawing for final use, to preserve its friendly, nostalgic feel.

Bearded produced a set of brochures to promote Penn's Corner's direct-to-consumer CSA and farm-to-chef programs. The brochures are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and their unique layout emulates the excitement of receiving a bursting box of fresh produce and dairy at the height of growing season.

The Penn's Corner logo.
Grace works on hand-rendering part of the final Penn's Corner logo.