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A LEED Silver-certified museum that features a wall of water, cabinet of curiosities, two-story corkscrew slide, edible garden, DIY makeshop, and full-size Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Trolley deserves a web experience that sparks as much wonder and excitement as the museum itself.

Bearded brings the joyful, multisensory experience of the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh onto the web with an innovative, user-friendly site that won a 15th Annual HOW Interactive Design Award.

Serving nearly 300,000 visitors annually, the Children’s Museum was recently named by Parents Magazine one of the top 10 children’s museums in the United States, and has won a prestigious National Medal for Museum and Library Services. However, before coming to Bearded, their Flash-based site was unusable on mobile devices, with disorganized, duplicated, difficult-to-manage content.

Bearded completely reimaged the Children’s Museum web experience to be a mobile-first, wherever-you-go partner and resource for parents and families visiting the museum, as well as the educators, donors, artists, and community members whose collaboration brings to life Pittsburgher Fred Rogers’ philosophy of learning through play.

The responsive web design provides optimal viewing on any user’s device and in any browser window size, and the highly customized content manageable system (CMS) helps the museum team keep information current, useful, and creative.

The site’s events calendar is a great example of responsive web design in action. In wider browser windows, users see a familiar calendar layout. But for phone-sized displays, if we had simply shrunk down the calendar layout, the text would have been too small to read, the links too small to tap with a finger, and days with no events scheduled would have monopolized precious screen space. So instead, mobile visitors to the Children’s Museum website see a vertically formatted event list, with any event-less days hidden from view.

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