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Car Free Fridays

Bike Pittsburgh is a non-profit advocacy group that works to protect cyclists' rights and make Pittsburgh a better place to live and ride. Their work in the city has improved Pittsburgh streets, bridges, and trails to make bicycle transportation safer and more fun for everyone.

Car Free Fridays is Bike Pittsburgh's initiative aimed at reducing automobile use in favor of self-powered transportation and mass-transit use by average citizens one day per week. The results are beneficial in areas as varied as oil dependency, pollution, congestion, street safety, urban design, and public health.

The old Car Free Fridays logo, which depicted a person throwing a car into a trash can, highlighted the negative and potentially divisive aspects of reducing automobile use. Bearded was asked to reevaluate Car Free Fridays' branding, and create a friendlier, more positive logo to represent the program.

The new Car Free Fridays logo contains visual allusions to the badge-like designs of sports teams and scouting groups, as well as clear depictions of the positive alternatives to car use. The message is that Car Free Fridays isn't about trashing your vehicle, but about working together with your community to affect positive change.